//Professional Scrum Product Owner 1

Professional Scrum Product Owner 1




Validate your Scrum knowledge and demonstrate your ability to support value creation and delivery by earning the Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I) certification!

The Product Owner is one of the premier roles in every Agile Scrum team. They are specifically responsible for maximizing the value the product delivers to the users.

In short, the Product Owner engages with stakeholders and users to understand their needs and wants, to ensure the final product creates a tremendous amount of organizational value. They achieve this through:

Eliciting the needs of the product users

Articulating those needs clearly in a Product Backlog

Managing the Product Backlog to keep the high-priority tasks towards the top

Answering questions and providing clarification before and during backlog item completion

Gaining feedback from stakeholders on the result so adjustments can be made to achieve their ever-evolving needs


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