//ICAgile Certified Professional

ICAgile Certified Professional


An Agile coach serves as a mentor to the agile team, facilitating agile thinking and practices and empowering the team to reach their goals through improved team practices. By providing focussed guidance, the coach enhances awareness of the business goals and objectives and acts as a teacher, guide, problem solver, team builder and planner all at once. The agile coach is able to foster a new culture of agile-lean thinking and usher in positive change by changing the organizational culture and redefining the work paradigm to reflect an agile attitude.



The Agile Coaching Workshop is a 2-days face-to-face training program with the primary objective to make learners efficient in coaching agile teams. It helps the participants understand and develop the essential professional coaching skills, appreciate the differences between the various aspects of Agile Coaching like teaching, facilitating, mentoring and coaching, and develop the right Agile Coaching Mindset. Special focus is on the core professional coaching skills like self-awareness, response-ability, servant leadership, active listening, powerful questioning and managing team dysfunctions. The participants of this workshop will learn various tools and techniques to efficiently coach their agile team, thereby build high performance agile teams. This workshop is designed and delivered by the experts who have been there and done that. It is a highly intensive program with a mix of explanation, discussions, exercises, and role plays. In addition, relevant videos will be shown to learners for reinforcement of concepts. On successful completion of this course, each participant will receive the credential “ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching” (ICP-ACC).


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